To say that I am crazy about the Long Eighteenth Century would, I suspect some would say, be an understatement.  I feel, in many ways, that we reached the peak of achievement during this period – even including all the bad things that we equate with the time such as poor sanitation, lack of equality, state approved violence etc,  Even my design business (Style by Design Limited) largely seeks inspiration from these years.

I am not an academic and have no desire to present these pages as though I am one (although I do have a degree in History and English Literature specialising in Georgian age) – rather I try to imagine what life was really like as a woman (from any level of society) during the period, which I define as being roughly from the Restoration to the start of Queen Victoria’s reign.


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. rogerswritings said:

    I feel history of the 18th & 19th a more interesting subject matter. We need to learn as a people where we came from, before we can realistically improve the future. I have another site dedicated to history, you might find things in there to your interest: http://www.historicalwritings.wordpress.com


    • I think you and I hold the same point of view (I wish more of those with influence, particularly in education, also felt this way). I will certainly be looking at your blog.


      • rogerswritings said:

        Many thanks. I loved history at school and in further education, and always find myself researching our history, looking for that something different.


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