Reveries Under the Sign of Austen, Two

….. from abbeys and castles, in which, though certainly larger than Northanger, all the dirty work of the house was to be done by two pair of female handsat the utmost. How they could get through it all had often amazed Mrs. Allen …. (NA, 2:8)

Dear friends and readers,

In the last week and one half, I finished reading the last texts I’m going to read for this paper on The Intertextual Gothic in Northanger Abbey (its latest title). Both were (as is not uncommon in the last writing one reads just before writing) unplanned, unexpected, one unknown. Ihave owned a copy of Margaret Atwood’s Lady Oracle for years, but it was only a couple of weeks ago that I came across a description of it in Michelle Masse’s In the Name of Love: Women, Masochism and the Gothic, which convinced me it is the…

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