I hope they made a good job of their house painting exercise!

The History of Love

Courtesy of the Chester Courant, below is a foolproof guide to the Regency rake’s perfect night out… Ladies, if you’re looking for Mr Darcy, you’re in the wrong place.

Gentlemen, if you fancy recreating such a ‘glorious frolic’ yourself:

1) Impress your friends by drinking too much, loudly singing rude songs and telling obscene stories

2) Impress the ladies by staring markedly at them before debauching them (and then their friends) at the earliest opportunity

3) Go to a brothel, and cause mischief by jumping around and snuffing out the candles

4) As day breaks, march around the streets hurling abuse at passersby and pushing over old ladies

5) Knock back a few more drinks before hailing a cab and promptly passing out in it

It all seems a bit woefully familiar…


“You must very often drink very much; and when you have drank very much, you must appear very great; that is, you must swear…

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