Great fun competition – be interesting to see the all the suggestions.

The History of Love

Let’s be honest. We all take a bit of a liking to the odd inappropriate person every now and again, and as anyone interested in historical research will (probably..?) testify, sometimes it just so happens that that person died hundreds of years before you were born. [You can’t get much more inappropriate than two of the historical hotties brought to my attention in recent months – would-be assassin Lewis Powell and a young Joseph Stalin. Yikes.]

But who do you think is the most fanciable historical figure?

It being the season of love and all, in return for your confessions I’m giving away a few free copies of my most recent book – the rather silly (but painstakingly researched..!) ‘Mr Darcy’s Guide to Courtship’. Just post your man or woman of choice in the comments below (with a link to a pic, if possible… just because I’m nosey) and I’ll choose…

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