The History of Love

Ah, Christmas. For centuries it has been the season of love, giving, and sentimental sickliness of all persuasions. But, let’s face it, it has also provided the perfect opportunity for countless lusty young couples to indulge in a bit of festive fornication under the mistletoe.

The print below gives a peep at four couples engaged in a Christmas dance. But there don’t seem to be any rules to govern the proceedings… Netherfield Ball this is not.

One beau swings his partner around by the hands, while another staggers around the room with a young woman on his back. In the background, a couple are locked in a passionate kiss, and the rather tight-breeched fellow in the foreground seems to have a similar scheme in mind – he hoists his partner up beneath a bunch of mistletoe. mistletoe1 Quoting the early eighteenth century Scottish poet James Thomson, the lines below the print read:

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