Reveries Under the Sign of Austen, Two

Thomas Rowlandson, Anger: “This unruly passion shows itself in a forcible degree in a termagent Mistress, scolding her Maid servant”

‘Tis a notorious Fault among Servants that they have a Custom of demanding Wages … Directions to Lord, and Ladies, Maids and Mistresses, 1766

Skimmers and ladles and such Trumpery/Are brought in to complete our Slavery … Mary Collier’s The Woman’s Labour, 1739

‘A servant write verses!’ says Madame du Bloom
‘Pray what is the subject – a Mop or a Broom?’
‘He, he, he,’ says Miss Flounce: ‘I suppose we shall see
An Ode on a Dishclout – what else can it be … Elizabeth Hands

Dear friends and readers,

When my husband stopped reading books because he could no longer focus his eyes or brain long enough, he was about one-third the way through Carolyn Steedman’s powerful and important Labours Lost: Domestic Service and the…

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