Reveries Under the Sign of Austen, Two

Plyme estuary near Saltram House in Devon (Ang Lee filmed this in the 1995 S&S with Emma Thompson)

Dear friends and readers,

We are now into a section of Jane Austen’s letters just prior to, and directly after the publication of Emma (21, 22, 23 December 1815). These some 25 letters differ from those we’ve had before by including letters from people other than Austen, and unusual for this volume, letters by people outside Austen’s family, business associates (Murray), networking contacts (Stanier Clarke), hired professionals (Charles Haden, apothecary tending on Henry Austen), and even a fan, however in reality somewhat ambivalent: such was Francis Talbot, Countess of Morley.

Diana Birchall, one of our team-mates in this journey through the letters whose work has been appearing regularly here on the letters this week jumped ahead to the Countess because Diana found the Countess’s life dulce et utile, and she has…

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