What was it like being a bachelor in the Eighteenth Century?

The History of Love blog has a great introduction:  A peep inside a bachelor pad, 1752.

Amanda Vickery‘s programme At Home with the Georgians considered what it was like  to be an unmarried man in the Eighteenth Century and the lengths some went to change their status.  We are used to reading about the hardships experienced by unwed women but as this series points out even a Georgian man of some standing was not considered a success unless he enjoyed the benefits of married domesticity – the sight of the law student Dudley Ryder living in his squalid one room bachelor pad whilst eating at chop houses is both entertaining and somewhat sad … although he was later to marry the daughter of a wealthy West India merchant so his frustration and hardship did not go unrewarded.   (this programme can found on YouTube)

Chop house